West Coast Spill Supplies offers compliant spill containment and storage solutions in BC for hazardous materials like oil, antifreeze, gasoline, and batteries. Our range of available secondary containment products includes spill containment boxes, spill pallets for drums, berms for tanks, and chemical containment solutions, all made with durable, high quality materials that prevent leaks and minimize potential harm to the environment.

Chemical containment solutions can safely store corrosive materials and other hazardous liquids. With the help of our experts, we recommend the best solutions to meet your unique storage and containment requirements.

We are committed to providing cost-effective solutions that exceed local and national regulatory requirements and protect against spills. Learn more about individual products below, and contact us with any questions.

Secondary Containment,

Secondary Containment

West Coast Spill Supplies carries the complete Justrite Gator line of Spill Containment products.

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Drum Accumulation Centres / Spill Decks,

Drum Accumulation Centres / Spill Decks

The only spill platforms made from recycled polyethylene!

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Spill Pallets,

Spill Pallets

Spill Pallets are available in 2-drum, 3-drum and 4-drum inline configurations as well as 4-drum square configuration and provide fully compliant spill protection.

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Oily Waste Filter Deck,

Oily Waste Filter Deck

West Coast Spill Supply's Used Cooking Oil Filter Deck for restaurants with totes and storage drums of used oil/grease.

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Battery Containment / Storage Boxes,

Battery Containment / Storage Boxes

Safely store and handle hazardous materials such as old paint cans and used batteries or any other items in these all-purpose outdoor battery bins / totes.

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Safety Storage Cabinets,

Safety Storage Cabinets

West Coast Spill Supplies carries the complete Justrite line of safety storage cabinets and containers.

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Safety Containers,

Safety Containers

West Coast Spill Supplies carries the complete Justrite line of safety storage cabinets and containers.

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Waste Containers for Cigarettes,

Waste Containers for Cigarettes

The safe and attractive answer to cigarette butt disposal to keep your property clean

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Truck Diaper,

Truck Diaper

A convenient way to contain leaks and drips from engines. Catch oil drips, hydraulic fluids or any hydrocarbons from falling to the ground with our Truck Diapers.

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Hazmat Tank,

Hazmat Tank

Designed to meet the most rigorous demands of today's safety personnel, the Hazmat Tank is the solution to problems associated with remote spills, namely, inadequate temporary containment. Standard tank sizes range from 2,275 litres to 54.500 litres.

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Terra Tank (Collapsible Chemical, Fuel and Water Pillow Tanks),

Terra Tank (Collapsible Chemical, Fuel and Water Pillow Tanks)

The Terra Tank is a collapsible bladder tank that has been designed specifically to store water, chemicals or fuel.

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Overpacks, Drums & IBC

Overpacks, Drums & IBC'S

New and reconditioned steel drums are ideal for storing solid and liquid waste.

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