plug n dikeAre you equipped and ready with spill control products to plug and repair spills leaking from vehicle gas tanks, drums or other small containers? Stop spills immediately with Plug n' Dike leak stop plug pattie.

Plug n' Dike is a non-toxic material, which forms an immediate seal to control flammable and/or hazardous leaks and spills.

Simply take a handful of premix and apply directly over the leak. The paste sticks instantly to fuel tanks, metal drums, and more to stop leaks during emergency spills.

  • No surface preparation is necessary.
  • A combination of high water absorption polymer in a bentonite base
  • Produces a seal against penetration of fuels and chemicals
  • Perfect for temporary repairs to drum or tank punctures
  • Plugs up to 5 feet of head
  • Sticks to dirty, rusty, greasy surfaces.
  • The low-temperature pre-mixed paste works at temperatures as low as -15C
  • All of our Plug n' Dike products are premixed with antifreeze.
  • Not recommended for plugging containers of oxidizers, caustics, acids, or antifreeze

It has been used for decades by fire departments, transportation companies, and industrial operations.

West Coast Spill Supplies proudly offers Plug n' Dike to businesses throughout BC, Alberta, and across Canada and the USA.

Plug N Dike 10oz

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Item #Product DescriptionSize
KI-P-2APlug n' Dike Plug Pattie10 oz. jar
KI-1-PMPAPlug n' Dike (Leak Repair Putty)1 lb. jar

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