XSORB Outdoor All Purpose Absorbent,

XSORB Outdoor All Purpose Absorbent

Our inert mineral-based absorbent has been specifically formulated forsafe and effective use indoor or out, even in light windy conditions.

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Oil Gator Remedial - Premium Oil Absorbent,

Oil Gator Remedial - Premium Oil Absorbent

OIL GATOR absorbs up to six times its weight in oil or oil based products.

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Floor Gator Premium Absorbent,

Floor Gator Premium Absorbent

Floor Gator is an all natural premium quality absorbent made from 100% recycled waste products.

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Floor Dry Granular Absorbent,

Floor Dry Granular Absorbent

Granular absorbent comprised of 100% Diatomaceous Earth - (Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is the skeletal remains of single-celled aquatic plants).

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Sphag Sorb,

Sphag Sorb

Sphag Sorb is a lightweight, biodegradable, industrial absorbent manufactured from sphagnum peat moss.

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Cell-U-Sorb is a 100% cellulose absorbent that is biodegradable and manufactured from recycled materials. Cell-U-Sorb is harmless to plants, animals and aquatic life.

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Eco-Dri / Ezee-Dri,

Eco-Dri / Ezee-Dri

Fully biodegradable, silica-and asbestos-free Eco Driā„¢ is an exceptional granular product that can used with most liquids. Made of 100% cellulose, it's lightweight and easy to clean up.

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