Floor Gator Premium Absorbent

Floor Gator Premium Absorbent,

Floor Gator is an all natural premium quality absorbent made from 100% recycled waste products. Floor Gator will absorb up to six times its own weight. Floor Gator will encapsulate, suppresses vapors and eliminates residue left over by other absorbents. Floor Gator can be reused until fully saturated. Certified by the USDA as Biobased products.

  • Fuel, Oil and Grease Spills. Floor Gator absorbs the liquid and suppresses vapors. Floor Gator reduces the residue which reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Volatile Liquid Spills. Floor Gator absorbs and suppresses vapors. Reduces the risk of combustion.
  • Antifreeze Spills. Floor Gator absorbs ethylene glycol for safer handling and disposal.

Product Code # KI-FG30

Packaged in 1.5 cubic foot bags Approximately 13.5 kgs. (30 lbs.) each 60 bags per pallet

Additional Floor Gator information and application protocol

Information, How to Use Floor Gator & MSDS

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