Stormwater pollution has become a major concern both locally and on a national level.

What is stormwater?

Stormwater is the rainfall that flows over our yards, streets, parking lots, and buildings and either enters the stormdrain system or runs directly into a lake or stream.

What is a stormdrain?

Stormdrains are the openings you see along curbs and in streets and parking lots. They carry away rainwater and transport it through the drainage system to nearby ponds and streams. Water and other debris that enter stormdrains do not go to a treatment facility.

How does stormwater get polluted?

As stormwater flows over our lawns, driveways and parking lots, it picks up fertilizers, oil, chemicals, grass clippings, litter, pet waste, and anything else in its path. The stormsewer system then transports these pollutants, now in the water, to local ponds and streams. Anything that goes into a stormdrain eventually ends up in our waters.

West Coast Spill Supplies offers a variety of solutions to your stormwater and erosion control problems.

Catch Basin Inserts,

Catch Basin Inserts

Catch Basin Inserts (Drain Guards / Sediment Traps) protect our rivers and streams by capturing sediment, debris, oil and grease at storm water catch basins.

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Urethane Drain Protector,

Urethane Drain Protector

Urethane Drain Protectors are positive sealing drain covers that ensure spills do not enter drains.

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Neoprene Storm Drain Cover,

Neoprene Storm Drain Cover

Neoprene Storm Drain Covers are lightweight.

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Conical Plug Safety Seals,

Conical Plug Safety Seals

Conical Plug Safety Seals prevents spills from entering circular drains. The conical plug drain protectors are ideal for blocking drains before a spill or as soon as one occurs.

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Barrel Patch Safety Seals,

Barrel Patch Safety Seals

Barrel Patch Safety Seals stop leaks fast on 45 gallon drums.

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Silt Fencing,

Silt Fencing

Silt fences are temporary silt control devices that are designed to prevent the release of silt from a construction site.

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Dewatering/Silt Bag,

Dewatering/Silt Bag

The Dewatering Bag is a geotextile filter bag for removing silt from water.

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Floating Silt Curtain,

Floating Silt Curtain

Floating silt curtains are capable of floating even when in the presence of solid materials that may adhere to the curtain.

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