Urethane Drain Protector

Urethane Drain Protector,

Urethane Drain Protectors are positive sealing drain covers that ensure spills do not enter drains. Drain Protectors are environmentally safe and resistant to chemicals, solvents and hydrocarbons. A tacky surface creates a positive seal that stops chemical spills every time. After use, the Drain Protector can be washed and stored in its tube storage container. The Drain Protector is tough enough to stand up to repeated use.

Standard sizes: 18, 24, 36, 42 and 48 inch (square)
Also available in custom sizes and reversible design.

Urethane Drain Protectors - In Stock
KI-PSI36Protector I - Yellow/Orange36" x 36" - S.S.
KI-PSI36AProtector II - Red36" x 36" - D.S.

Urethane Drain Protector Brochure
(includes list of standard sizes)

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