What Do We Do?

West Coast Spill Supplies specializes in spill response absorbent products as well as custom spill response kits. West Coast also distributes secondary containment products to prevent hazardous materials spills from occurring.

“We are part of your due diligence strategy”

Please refer to the individual Absorbent and Spill Response Kit pages on our web site for information about the variety of absorbents and spill kits offered by West Coast Spill Supplies. If you have a specialized application or require a site review, please contact our office at 1-888-548-3800 any time.

West Coast distributes only the highest quality materials available in all of our absorbent and spill response products. Most of the absorbent pads, booms and socks we distribute are manufactured using Polypropylene. Due to its lightweight and high absorbency ratio Polypropylene is the most common and widely used sorbent today.

Why West Coast Spill Supplies?