Floating Silt Curtain

Floating Silt Curtain,

Floating silt curtains are capable of floating even when in the presence of solid materials that may adhere to the curtain. Features like buoyancy, permeability and impermeability, and even color can be customized to your requirements. Floating silt curtains can be installed in open water (as in a lake or in the ocean) or near any shore where disruption can discharge sediment into a river or stream.

Where construction is taking place immediately adjacent to a waterway, such as a canal development or construction of a bridge, wharf or jetty, these measures may be impractical. In this case a floating silt curtain may be used to confine sediment and prevent dispersal and contamination of the water body.

Floating Silt Curtains are preassembled in 50 ft lengths, and connecting hardware is included with each unit so the system can be expanded to any length.

Floating Silt Curtain systems over 800 feet long have been utilized to isolate large portions of a water body. The 50 ft sections need only be connected to the desired length, weighted down with the addition of a chain or cable, and deployed into position.

A weight must be added to the bottom sleeve prior to use. A rope is provided in the sleeve to assist in placing a chain, cable or other weight. Weight can also be added by making small slits in the bottom sleeve and inserting sections of rebar, pipe, steel, or any other heavy material.

All units come folded and rolled into the sizes shown.

Enough hardware is supplied with each unit to connect the next unit.

Floating Silt Curtain Specifications
Item #Approx. Water DepthLengthWeight
KI-FSC77 ft50 ft30 lbs
KI-FSC1313 ft50 ft40 lbs
KI-FSC1919 ft50 ft50 lbs

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