Floor Dry Granular Absorbent

Floor Dry Granular Absorbent,

Granular absorbent comprised of 100% Diatomaceous Earth - (Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is the skeletal remains of single-celled aquatic plants).

Absorbs all types of liquids (excluding hydrofluoric acid).

  • Highest quality absorbent available.
  • Will not break down or "mud up".
  • Provides greater absorption for drier / anti slip surfaces.
  • Fast - put it down, let it absorb, clean it up, for general shop maintenance or emergency spills.
  • Cost effective - absorbs 2-3 times more liquid versus the same weight of clay based products.
  • Environmentally safe - nonbiodegradable, and safe for landfill disposal.
  • All natural - not chemically treated.
  • Non-WHIMIS regulated.

    Packaged in 22.7 Litre Plastic bags, 56 bags per pallet.

    Product Code # KI-FD85N

    Floor Dry MSDS

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