Eco-Dri / Ezee-Dri

Eco-Dri / Ezee-Dri,

Fully biodegradable, silica-and asbestos-free Eco Dri™ is an exceptional granular product that can used with most liquids. Made of 100% cellulose, it's lightweight and easy to clean up.

The Most Effective Spill Clean Up and Industrial Absorbent.

"The environmentally responsible absorbent"

  • Highly Absorbent Wood Fiber Core Granules
  • Fire Resistant But Can Be Incinerated
  • Non-Abrasive Yet Skid Resistant
  • Silica and Asbestos Free For Easy Disposal
  • Wind Resistant
  • More Granules per Square Foot Providing Faster Absorption

Available in 25 lb. bags.  

Product Code  # KI-ECODRI

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