Secondary Containment

Secondary Containment,

West Coast Spill Supplies carries the complete Justrite / Eagle line of Spill Containment products. Also available are outdoor drum storage units and lab pack drums manufactured by UltraTech. Please contact us for further information on any of the spill containment products shown below.

Justrite’s containment line offers the ultimate protection against leaks and spills. These heavy duty polyethylene products offer secondary containment to catch hazardous spills before they become a problem! Spilled liquids are captured to help prevent contaminating factory floors, drains, and outside groundwater. You’re not only protecting the environment… but saving money in the process by:

  • reclaiming captured spills for reuse
  • avoiding high costs associated with hazardous material clean-up
  • preventing slip and fall injuries to safeguard employees
  • avoiding fines with compliance to local and national regulations

Superior Design Features

Drum handling and spill control products are molded in a dark gray color, preferred for its ability to hide dirt and keep workplaces looking clean. Superior engineering and top quality 100% polyethylene is nearly impervious to chemicals including acids and corrosives and provides durability for long lasting value.

Pallets, available in 2-drum, 3-drum and 4-drum inline configurations as well as 4-drum square configuration, provide fully compliant spill protection.

Accumulation centers offer a low profile to facilitate drum placement and provide a safer more convenient working height when collecting or dispensing liquids out of standard 45-gallon drums – and when used with Sump-to-Sump Drain Kit, can be made to comply with regulations.

Spill Containment Caddy and Drum Management systems feature “open view” sumps making spill detection simple and clean up easy. Seamless construction eliminates leaks.

Overpacks offer exceptional durability with simple twist on lids for convenience. United Nations “X” rating gives customers the security of extensive testing and the highest possible performance rating.

Justrite’s line of environmental solutions include Spill Control Pallets, Spill Containment Caddies, Drum Management Systems, Collection Centers and other innovations.