Truck Diaper

Truck Diaper,

A convenient way to contain leaks and drips from engines. Catch oil drips, hydraulic fluids or any hydrocarbons from falling to the ground with our Truck Diapers. Secures underneath any size truck or heavy equipment. The Truck Diaper allows water to drain through while capturing all oils.

The oil-only absorbent truck diaper pad is easy to install and easily replaced while the yellow outer diaper can be reused, saving your company time and money. Be proactive Green with your vehicles and equipment. Install Truck Diapers.

Item #Product DescriptionQty / Case
KI-4351TDTruck Diaper, 43" x 51"1
KI-4351TDP-ETruck Diaper Pad, Laminated1
KI-4351TDP-6Truck Diaper Pad, Laminated6
KI-4351TDPTruck Diaper Pad, Laminated25

Also available in a smaller 36" x 36" size.

Please contact us for further information and pricing on Truck Diapers.