Drum Accumulation Centres / Spill Decks

Drum Accumulation Centres / Spill Decks,

The only spill platforms made from recycled polyethylene!

Get reliable, high performance spill control and help reduce landfills by using recycled products. These economical, low profile secondary containment platforms are eco-friendly made of up to 100% recycled, post-industrial, durable polyethylene that might have otherwise been discarded into the waste stream.

Justrite EcoPolyBlend Accumulation Centres
Part #Description Capacity (gallons)Capacity (litres)Dimensions
KI-286531 Drum124525" x 25" x 5.5"
KI-286552 Drum249049" x 25" x 5.5"
KI-286574 Drum4918549" x 49" x 5.5"
KI-286596 Drum7327673" x 49" x 5.5
KI-28650Yellow Ramp  48" x 33" x 6.25"

Long lasting EcoPolyBlend™ polyethylene is nearly impervious to chemicals, including acids and corrosives. Accumulation Centers feature a seamless design to ensure any leaks or spills are captured in the sump, before they reach floor drains or create a slip hazard. Sturdy grates are nearly 2-1/2" (64mm) thick for superior crack resistance. Self-locating, they reduce the chance of grate " ride-up" and remove for easy cleaning.

Modular centres offer the ability to create a customized system. As capacity needs increase, use optional Joining Clips to firmly lock units together and expand storage space. Sumps remain separate and clips can be removed for easy repositioning. In applications calling for a continuous sump, optional Sump-to-Sump™ Drain Kit (includes joining clips and transfer tube),allows centers to be joined together on-site for full compliance to EPA and fire codes when combined sump capacities need to meet 66 gallons (250L).

Optional companion Ramp facilitates movement of heavy drums and features anti-skid ribs for maximum safety. It can be located anywhere on any 2-drum or larger Centre.

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