Spill Kits for Machinery in the Logging and Forestry Industry

March 31st 2023

Spill Kits for Machinery in the Logging and Forestry Industry,

West Coast Spill Supply provides spill kits for all industries including the logging and forestry sectors. Their spill kits meet and exceed BCTS industry standards, which means you can trust their spill kits to be up to the task in case of any incident.  

Who is BCTS and What Role Do They Play in Forestry Spill Kits?

BCTS stands for British Columbia Timber sales, it manages about 20 percent of the province's annual cut for crown/public timber. The BCTS operates by providing a reliable and safe source of timber through competitive auctions of timber sales licenses for loggers, wood processors, and other forestry businesses.

The BCTS states that the Forestry and Logging industries must operate safely within proper environmental procedures. This includes suitable spill control prevention for any tanks located more than six meters from a building, moving fuel storage to a low-risk location, and tarps for containment in case of a spill.

Their guidelines state that it is vital to assess the environmental risk at the site and implement necessary control measures to prevent local and regional contamination from fuel spills. This can include reviewing spill response awareness at the site, near equipment and vehicles, conducting a spill awareness drill, and increasing monitoring at dispense areas.

The BCTS guidelines also require that appropriate spill kits must be present in vehicles transporting and dispending fuels and at points where fuel is dispensed. BC Timber Sales has minimum requirements for spill kits in various machines and equipment as they work in forestry and logging.

Despite all these precautions taken, spillages are still likely to occur from time to time. For these cases, the BCTS has a strict list of guidelines that must be followed.

Spill Kit Minimum Requirements in BC

BCTS environmental field procedure states that when handling fuel, a spill kit must be present and appropriate for the type and potential size of the spill. The logging spill kits at the site must be properly stocked including the personal protective safety gear required for the type of spill.

The minimum requirements for a BCTS-certified spill kit in equipment and machinery are:
    • One large heavy-duty plastic bag or another suitable container
    • Absorbent pads, or equivalent absorbent material
    • Protective safety gear

For a vehicle carrying auxiliary fuel, the spill kit must include a minimum of:

    • 3 Heavy-duty plastic bags or suitable container (s)
    • 10 absorbent pads appropriate for the spill
    • 3 - absorbent booms/socks
    • Bioremediation product
    • One shovel
    • A container of emergency tank sealant

Alongside personal protective safety equipment as required for the type of spill that has occurred.

West Coast Spill Supply provides forestry and logging spill kits that will meet or exceed these requirements. Here we have outlined what our standard spill response kit includes but it should be noted that different spill kits are available for different purposes.

    • All-purpose absorbent
    • Leak repair putty
    • Neoprene drain covers
    • Collapsible shovel
    • Alongside caution tape and personal safety gear

Operating in the forestry and logging industries will mean using spill kits suited for containing spillages around stationary or mobile fuel storages. We have spill kits suited for large equipment, auxiliary fuel tanks, logging trucks, and industry vehicles.

At West Coast Spill Supply, we will come to your workplace and provide a free assessment of your spill kit and needs. We can help you make sure you have all you need for all the possible spill situations your company might encounter.

Check out our spill kits, options, and accessories, or contact us for a free assessment!