UltraTech Pop Up Pools

UltraTech Pop Up Pools,

Pop Up Pools Instantly Expand to Capture Leaks From Saddle Tanks, Pipes, Hydraulic Lines And Many Other Industrial Incidents.

  • Ultra-Pop Up Pools are available in 400, 250, 150, 100, 66 and 20 gallon sizes.
  • Choose Sprung Steel or Economy Models† to meet your needs. Simply remove them from their protective carrying case and give them a quick shake — they instantly expand and are ready for response to any emergency.
  • Unique, Patented Design — foam ring rises with level of liquid to raise sidewalls.
  • Compact folded size — stores efficiently inside spill kits; handles on storage bag* can also be used to hang on a wall near shipping/receiving docks.
  • Excellent chemical resistance, including diesel fuel, antifreeze, acids, caustics and corrosives.
  • Helps minimize environmental damage and related clean-up costs.
  • Excellent for response to damaged saddle tanks and cross-over lines, hazmat spills, leaking containers, machinery and piping. Other applications include use as a decontamination pool and collection pool for soiled sorbents.
UltraTech Pop Up Pools
Item #Size / Capacity
802220 Gallons (76 Litres)
806866 Gallons (250 Litres)
8102100 Gallons (379 Litres)
8153150 Gallons (568 Litres)
8160250 Gallons (946 Litres)
8162400 Gallons (1514 Litres)
802020 Gallons (76 Litres)
806666 Gallons (250 Litres)
8100100 Gallons (379 Litres)
8150150 Gallons (568 Litres)

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