UltraTech Drum Funnels

UltraTech Drum Funnels,

Protect against spills, splashes and leaks with the only drum-top funnel that provides access to the ¾ inch drum bung

  • Zig-zag channeled surface to diffuse splashing.
  • Level surfaces enable paint cans, buckets and bottles to stand upright while draining passively.
  • Optional hinged cover keeps dirt and unwanted materials out of your waste stream.
  • A lockable lid for secure drum management.
  • Measures 29-inches width by 26-3/4-inches depth by 9-1/2-inches height
Ultra-Bung Access Funnel
Part #DescriptionDimensionsCapacityWeight
0482Bung Access Funnel23 5/8" dia. x 5 1/2"6 gal.9 lbs.
0484Bung Access Funnel With Hinged Cover29" x 26 3/4" x 9 1/2"6 gal.9 lbs.

Part #Description
0485Snap On Cover
9985Pop Up Fill Gauge

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