Major Incident Overpack Spill Response Kit - (KI-ESK95)

Major Incident Overpack Spill Response Kit - (KI-ESK95),

The perfect spill kit for First Responders and Drum Handling Facilities. Ideal for dealing with any major incident involving hazardous materials. The 95 gallon overpack is designed to transport a damaged or a leaking 55 gallon / 205 litre drum. The rugged, UV-protected polyethylene overpack container meets the highest UN and DOT certification available. The screw on lid seals on to the overpack with an O-ring seal. Easily identified with red “Spill Kit” decal. This kit has a sorbent capacity of 92 gallons / 350 litres.

Standard Contents:

100 Absorbent Pads (Oil, Gas & Diesel)
100 Universal Absorbent Pads (Antifreeze & Non-Haz)
4 3” x 4' Absorbent Socks (Oil, Gas & Diesel)
4 3” x 4' Absorbent Socks (Antifreeze & Non-Haz)
4 Sections of 5" x 10' Linkable Absorbent Boom
1 36” x 36” Neoprene Drain Cover
2 1 Lb. Jars of Plug n Dike (Leak Stop)
12 HD Hazmat Disposal Bags
2 Pairs of Nitrile Gloves
2 Pairs of Plastic Splash Goggles
2 Disposable Respirators
2 Pairs of Tyvek Coveralls
1 Spill Instruction Sheet
1 Laminated List of Contents

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