Spill Prevention and Reporting - Ensure the availability of an appropriate spill kit at your workplace.

Section 79 of the BC Environmental Management Act

We have highlighted the pertinent information which requires both a plan and equipment for spill response. The specifications for the plan and equipment are left up to the “person” responsible – requiring their due diligence to choose appropriately.

Spill prevention and reporting

79 (1) In this section, “polluting substance” means any substance, whether gaseous, liquid or solid that, in the opinion of the minister, is capable of causing pollution if it were to

  1. escape into the air,
  2. be spilled onto any land or into any body of water, or
  3. escape onto any land or into any body of water.

(2) If a person has possession, charge or control of any polluting substance, the minister may, if the minister considers it reasonable and necessary to lessen the risk of an escape or spill of the substance, order that person

  1. to undertake investigations, tests, surveys and any other action the minister considers necessary to determine the magnitude of the risk and to report the results to the minister,
  2. to prepare, in accordance with the minister’s directions, a contingency plan containing information the minister requires, and
  3. to construct, alter or acquire, at the person’s expense, any works, or carry out at the person’s expense any measures that the minister considers reasonable and necessary to prevent or abate an escape or spill of the substance

(3) If an escape or spill occurs of a polluting substance for which a contingency plan was prepared, a director may order any person having possession, charge or control of the substance at the time it escaped or was spilled, or the person who prepared the plan or all of them to put the contingency plan into operation at their expense.

(4) The minister may order a person who prepared a contingency plan to test the plan.

The link below  is a more specific guide.  See section 9(3) for specific equipment.



From WorksafeBC:

  5.101 Procedures for spill cleanup and re-entry

If workers are required to control a release of a hazardous substance, to perform cleanup of a spill, or to carry out testing before re-entry, the employer must provide

  1. adequate written safe work procedures,
  2. appropriate personal protective equipment which is readily available to workers and is adequately maintained, and
  3. material or equipment necessary for the control and disposal of the hazardous substance.

Note: Other jurisdictions and agencies may require notification in the event of a spill.

5.102 Training and drills

The employer must

  1. provide training in the appropriate emergency procedures to all workers who may be affected, and
  2. conduct drills to test the adequacy of procedures and to ensure that workers and supervisors are familiar with their roles and responsibilities.

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