Plug n' Dike is a non-toxic material, which forms an immediate seal to control flammable and/or hazardous leaks and spills.

  • No surface preparation is necessary.
  • A combination of high water absorption polymer in a bentonite base
  • Produces a seal against penetration of fuels and chemicals
  • Perfect for temporary repairs to drum or tank punctures
  • Plugs up to 5 feet of head
  • Sticks to dirty, rusty, greasy surfaces.
  • All of our Plug n' Dike products are premixed with antifreeze.

It has been used for over 20 years by fire departments, transportation companies and industrial operations.

Simply take a handful of premix and apply directly over the leak.

Plug n' Dike Printable Brochure

Plug n' Dike Printable Instructions

Item #Product DescriptionSize
KI-P-2APlug n' Dike Plug Pattie10 oz. jar
KI-1-PMPAPlug n' Dike (Leak Repair Putty)1 lb. jar

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