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UltraTech Track Pans

Ultra-Track Pans have been designed to provide railroad spill containment at industrial rail sidings and locomotive maintenance facilities.

Available in virtually any length, Ultra-Track Pans may be used to collect small spills and leaks OR to capture and channel off significant spills caused by defective equipment or a major overflow.


Track Pans with Grates, No Covers Track Pan Covers Only
Part# 9566 - Center Track Pan with Grates Part# 9580 - Cover for Center Track Pan
Weight:112 lbs. (51 kg) Weight: 24 lbs. (11 kg)
Containment Capacity: 18 gallons (69 L)* Containment Capacity: N/A
Includes: 2 bulkhead fittings, 4 gaskets and 2 grates
The total water flow rate through the insert in new condition is in excess of 500 gpm. The bypass rate is approximately 700 gpm.
Part# 9576 - Side Track Pan with Grates Part# 9581 - Cover for Side Track Pan
Dimensions: 53" x 27" x 6" (1359 mm x 699 mm x 153 mm) Dimensions: 55" x 28 1/4" (1397 mm x 717 mm)
Weight:58 lbs. (26 kg) Weight: 11 lbs. (5 kg)
Containment Capacity: 19 gallons (72 L)* Containment Capacity: N/A
Includes: 1 bulkhead fitting, 2 gaskets and 1 grate
*Because of wheel flange clearance the effective height of the Center Pans is shorter than the effective height of the Side Pans causing the Center Pans to have less capacity than the Side Pans.
9-Foot Railroad Spill Containment Systems:
Part# 9595 - Two (2) Center Pans, four (4) Side Pans. No covers
Part# 9596 - Two (2) Center Pans with Covers, four (4) Side Pans with Covers
40-Foot Railroad Spill Containment Systems:
Part# 9589 - Nine (9) Center Pans, eighteen (18) Side Pans. No covers
Part# 9590 - Nine (9) Center Pans with Covers, eighteen (18) Side Pans with Covers
60-Foot Railroad Spill Containment Systems:
Part# 9592 - Fourteen (14) Center Pans, twenty-eight (28) Side Pans. No covers
Part# 9593 - Fourteen (14) Center Pans with Covers, twenty-eight (28) Side Pans with Covers
Part# 9584 - Rebar Fasteners with Protective Caps (20-pack)
Part# 9559 - 3" dia. Bulkhead Fitting (for below grade piping)
Part# 9571 - Grate Only for Center Pan (Left)
Part# 9571 - Grate Only for Center Pan (Right)
Part# 9573 - Grate Only for Side Pan

  • Prevent costly cleanup and regulatory fines from railcar spills and chemical spills.
  • Modular Design - Center and Side Pans are 53.5" long; railroad spill containment areas can be easily assembled to any length desired
  • All-polyethylene Construction - Rugged Track Pans withstand harsh chemicals and are designed to function in temperatures ranging from -40F to +140F
  • Sealed System - Polyethylene gaskets keep spills from falling between the rails and Pans.
  • Low Maintenance - unlike carbon steel track pans, Ultra-Track Pans will not rust or corrode. Polyethylene resin is treated with a UV inhibitor, resists degrading effects of the sun.

UltraTech Track Pans

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