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Ride-Side Berm

Specifically designed for vehicles, the Ride-Side BermTM collapsible walls will allow vehicles to enter and exit without manual assistance. Ideal for capturing liquids under vehicles, remote site refuelling or temporary secondary containment around tanker trucks, the rugged design of the Ride-Side BermTM will allow it to be used in the toughest environments.


  • Collapsible hands-free flotation walls allow even heavy tracked vehicles to repeatedly enter and exit the berm without manual setup.
  • L-Rod side walls allow operators to quickly setup the berm and provide rigid support for the non-collapsible walls
  • Fully collapsible
  • Compatible with RainDrainTM filtration system

See more pictures of the Ride-Side Berm.

Ride-Side Berm Brochure
(includes list of standard sizes)

Please contact us for a quote on Ride-Side Berms.


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