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Clear Pack Spill Response Kit - (KI-ESK1-C) 
(10 Oil Pads, 10 Universal Pads)

This Spill Kit meets the requirements of the City of Victoria Stormwater Bylaw.

Clear Pack Spill Response Kit-CA larger version of the entry level spill response kit for larger spills. Easy to store behind the seat or in the trunk. Comes in a durable clear plastic bag with a zipper. Easily identified with “Emergency Spill Kit” decal. Sorbent capacity of 8 gallons / 30 litres.

Standard Contents:
10 Absorbent Pads (Oil, Gas & Diesel)
10 Universal Absorbent Pads (Antifreeze & Non Haz)
2 3” x 4’ Absorbent Socks (Oil, Gas & Diesel)
2 HD Hazmat Disposal Bags
1 Pair of Nitrile Gloves

Clear Pack Spill Response Kit-C-2

Spill Kit Option: Xsorb Outdoor All-Purpose (Loose) Absorbent

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