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Catch Basin Inserts

Catch Basin Inserts (Drain Guards / Sediment Traps) protect our rivers and streams by capturing sediment, debris, oil and grease at storm water catch basins. Catch Basin Inserts are an economical and effective method to protect you from costly clean-up work. The standard filter material is a non-woven geotextile with built-in overflow ports for cases of abnormally high water flow or over-filled filter bags. Catch Basin Inserts are available with a replaceable 5 x 15 oil absorbent boom that floats to absorb any oil, gas or diesel entering a storm water catch basin.

Catch Basin Inserts are great for parking lots, vehicle storage/service areas, construction sites, gas stations and industrial plants. Installation and removal can be easily done by on-site staff.

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Item Product Description Dimensions Qty / Case
CA product code
Drain Warden Catch Basin Insert 36" x 48" x 24" 1
US product code
UltraTech Ultra Drain Guard / Insert 36" x 48" x 18" 1

Adjustable Catch Basin Insert - Round

24" to 26" diam


Adjustable Catch Basin Insert - Rectangular

24" x 36" 1

UltraTech Ultra Drain Guard - Oversized

60" x 60"


Catch Basin Insert Installation Instructions

Additional Products - Oil Absorbent Sump/Bilge Booms are highly recommended and are considered a Best Management Practice to absorb hydrocarbons.

Item Product Description Dimensions Qty / Case
KI-WBB515 5'' Bilge / Storm Drain Absorbent Boom 5" x 15" 20
KI-WBB818 8'' Bilge / Storm Drain Absorbent Boom 8" x 18" 10

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