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Bilge / Storm Drain Absorbent Boom

Bilge / Storm Drain Absorbent Booms are perfect for catching contaminants in run-off or keeping the boat bilge clean.

Lower a bilge boom into your bilge, sump, catch basin or tank to remove oil, not water. Bilge bugs float on top of water, even when completely saturated. Booms are highly absorbent and come with steel rings to attach a rope for easy deployment.

Bilge booms are available in 8" x 18" and 5" x 15" sizes. The Bilge Soaker is filled with shredded polypropylene.

Item # Product Description Dimensions Qty/Case
KI-WBB515 5" Bilge/Storm Drain Absorbent Boom 5" x 15" 20
KI-WBB818 8" Bilge/Storm Drain Absorbent Boom 8" x 18" 10

Please contact us for further information on absorbent boom for your application.


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