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About Us
      Why WCSS
      Our Experience
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            Head Office Map
       Memberships / Affiliations
             Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
             Harbour Authority Association of BC
             Canadian Federation of Independent Business
             Truck Loggers Association
             PICS Member
             The Tom Thumb Safety Program
             Peninsula Panthers
       News / Articles
             Which Spill Kit is the right one for you and your business?
      Granular Absorbents
XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent
            Oil Gator Premium Oil Absorbent
            Floor Gator
             Floor Dry Granular
            Sphag Sorb
            Oil Sponge Remedial Premium Absorbent
            Eco-Dri / Ezee-Dri
  Pads & Rolls
                 Product List
            Smart Pack / Shop Pads
            Booms & Socks
            Pillows & Other
             Bilge / Storm Drain Absorbent Boom
                  Product List
      Spill Response Kits
             Popular Spill Response Kits
             Spill Kit Options/Accessories
             Forestry & Industrial Spill Response Kits
             Spill Kit Regulations
             Custom / Personalized Spill Kits
             XSORB Wall Mount Biohazard  Response Kit (KI-BK607)
             Smart Pack / Shop Pads / Spill Response Kit (KI-SPSK)
             Entry Level Spill Response Kit (KI-ESKE)
             Clear Pack Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK1)
             Clear Pack Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK1-C)
             Clear Pack Spill Kit + Granular (KI-ESK1G)
             Contractor Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK1B)
             Equipment Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK2)
             5 Gal. Yellow Pail Spill Kit + Granular (KI-ESK2G)
             Spill Response Kit for Petroleum Tanker Trucks (KI-STTSK)
             Behind-the-Seat Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK3)
                   BC Hydro Vehicle Spill Kit
            Hazmat Acid Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK3H)
            First Response Spill Kit (KI-FRSK)
             First Response 30 Gal. Job Site Spill Kit (KI-FRSK-30)
            Poly Drum Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK205-L)
             Poly Drum Marine Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK205-M)
             Mobile Facility Spill Response Kit - Basic (KI-ESK240-L)
             Mobile Facility Spill Response Kit - Large  (KI-ESK360-L)
            Mobile Marine / Dock Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK360-M)
            Major Incident Overpack Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK95)
      Spill Response Kits: Options
       Spill Response Kits: Forest Industry
             Basic Equipment Spill Kit (Level 1) KI-ESK-F1
             Basic Equipment Spill Kit in Nylon Bag (Level 1+) KI-ESK-F1B
             Basic Vehicle Spill Kit (Level 2) KI-ESK-F2
             Basic Vehicle Spill Kit in Nylon Bag (Level 2-no plug pattie) KI-ESK-F2B
             Basic Vehicle Spill Kit in Nylon Bag (Level 2-with plug pattie) KI-ESK-F2BP
             Basic Vehicle Spill Kit in Nylon Bag (Level 2-with plug pattie) KI-ESK-F2BP
      Containment & Storage
            Secondary Containment
                 Ultra-Hard Top P2 Plus
                      Catalogue Page
                 Spill Decks / Accumulation Centres
                 Spill Pallets
           Oily Waste Filter Deck
           Battery Containment / Storage Boxes
           Safety Storage Cabinets
                Features of Justrite Safety Cabinets
           Safety Containers
                Features of Justrite Safety Cans
           Waste Containers for Cigarettes
                Brochure & Standard Sizes
                Brochure & Standard Sizes
           Ride-Side Berms
                More Pictures
                Brochure & Standard Sizes
           Frame Supported Insta-Berms
                Brochure & Standard Sizes
           Rain Drain
                Brochure & Standard Sizes
           Drip Defender
           Truck Diaper
            Hazmat Tank
                 Hazmat Tank Brochure & Standard Sizes    
            Terra Tank / Collapsible Pillow Tank
                 Terra Tank Brochure & Standard Sizes
                 Oasis Tank Water Brochure & Standard Sizes
            Frac Tanks
                 Frac Tank Brochure & Standard Sizes
           Overpacks, Drums, IBCs
           Wheeled Carts
            Containment Berm
            Spill Containment Ride-Side Berm
            Spill Containment Frame Supported Berm
            Containment Mini Berms
    Drain Protection & Stormwater Control
           Catch Basin Inserts
                   Catch Basin Insert Installation Instructions
           Urethane Drain Protector
                  Drain Protector Specifications
           Neoprene Storm Drain Cover
           Conical Plug Safety Seals
           Barrel Patch Safety Seals
           Silt Fencing
           Dewatering/Silt Bag
            Floating Silt Curtain
    Plug n' Dike
            Floating Silt Curtain
            Plug n' Dike Printable Brochure
            Plug n' Dike Printable Instructions
CRD Source Control Regulations
Stormwater Bylaw Solutions
      City of Victoria Stormwater Bylaw
Hazmat Spill Response Trailers
Environmental Spill Response Unit
       Spill Response unit - Video
      Environment Canada
      Canadian Coast Guard Pacific Region
      Ministry of Environment - Spill Cost Recovery
      Van Isle Containers (Secure Storage Containers)
      Justrite Manufacturing
      Eagle Manufacturing
      CRD Regional Source Control Program and Bylaws
      Environmental Management Act
      Spill Reporting Regulations
      Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act & Regulations
      Canadian Environmental Protection Act
      Canada Fisheries Act
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        Head Office (map)
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