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West Coast Spill Supplies offers custom spill kits labeled and personalized with your brand, corporate identity / company logo or text.

We have the ability to screen-print your custom logo on any of our nylon bag spill response kits. All of our Spill Kits can be made to suit your company's specific requirements.

Having your logo printed on our spill kits can be a very significant marketing tool for your company. Another benefit of having your company logo on our spill kits is to prevent and protect against theft.

Click on the links below to see examples of Nylon Bags that you can customize in a variety of colors.

Contractor Spill Response Kit

Behind-the-Seat Vehicle Spill Kit

Basic Equipment Spill Kit in Nylon Bag

Basic Vehicle Spill Kit in Nylon Bag

- Minimum order - 25 kits
- One-time set-up fee may apply, please inquire.

Contact us for a free assessment of your spill response needs or for assistance in developing a custom spill response kit for your business.


» Click here to view list of Popular Spill Response Kits
» Custom / Personalized Spill Kits

» XSORB Wall Mount Biohazard Response Kit (KI-BK607)

» Smart Pack Spill Response Kit (KI-SPSK)

» Entry Level Spill Response Kit (KI-ESKE)

» Clear Pack Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK1)
» Clear Pack Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK1-C)
» Clear Pack Spill Kit + Granular (KI-ESK1G)
» Contractor Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK1B)
» Equipment Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK2)
» 5 Gal. Yellow Pail Spill Kit + Granular (KI-ESK2G)
» Spill Response Kit for Petroleum Tanker Trucks (KI-STTSK)
» Behind-the-Seat Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK3)
» Hazmat Acid Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK3H)
» First Response Spill Kit (KI-FRSK)
» Poly Drum Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK205-L)
» Poly Drum Marine Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK205-M)
» Mobile Facility Spill Kit - Basic (KI-ESK240-L)

» Mobile Facility Spill Kit - Large (KI-ESK360-L)
» Mobile Marine / Dock Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK360-M)  
» Major Incident Overpack  Spill Response Kit (KI-ESK95)

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